What are Tape Hair Extensions and why are they the most used type of hair extension?

Why are Tape Hair Extensions so popular?

It's impossible to live without hair extensions once you've tried them! The added volume and chemical-free colour options give you an undeniable confidence boost. It is a product that enhances your beauty and makes you feel and look better. Extensions are available in so many different types, and adding more hair is so easy.

What is the best hair extension method when it comes to hair extensions?

There are clips in hair extensions, individual hair extensions (fusion, i-tip hair extensions, keratin, micro bead), sew in wefts, and tape in hair extensions.

Tape In Hair Extensions




Can you tell me which method of hair extension is best? There is no doubt that tape in extensions are the best hair extension method, and that is why they are the most requested in hair salons all over the world. As opposed to any other hair extension method, tape in hair extensions have the most benefits. Discover why we think tape-in hair extensions are the best hair extension method.

Overall Cost: Tape-in hair extensions are the cheapest semi-permanent hair extension method available, both in terms of hair cost and application cost. Why? Because tape-ins can be applied in less than an hour, application costs are lower. In addition, tape in hair extensions are much cheaper to maintain than any other semi permanent method due to the structure of the tape wefts and how they are applied to the hair.  It is easier to make tape extensions than individual extensions because they are constructed from 1 inch panels of hair. When compared with any other method of hair extension, tape extensions are much cheaper overall.

Least Damaging: There is no doubt that tape-in extensions are the least damaging on the market. It is very lightweight and does not pull on your own hair like other extensions - the hair grows with the extensions and does not tug or pull on your own hair. Wearing clip-in extensions every day will cause bald spots since they are extremely heavy. You shouldn't use traditional clip ins if you have fine hair! Extensions (fusion, micro, i-tip, etc.) can tangle more easily and result in hair loss if they are not taken care of properly. In addition to being non-damaging, tape-in hair extensions are also very easy to remove. It is essential not to lose hair because of wearing extensions if you are concerned about hair loss. You will not experience any discomfort or lose hair by using tape-in hair extensions. Hair extensions should be comfortable and damage-free!



Tape Hair Extensions Australia

Reusable: Tape-in extensions are good for 3-4 applications within a year. The ability to reuse your hair extensions is a great benefit, especially if you have customised them with a cut or colour. As soon as the tape extensions are removed, they are cleaned, new tape is applied, and they are reapplied. Getting high quality tape extensions is therefore essential. If you choose good hair and tape extensions, they should last 6- 9 months with correct care.  The removal of tape extensions takes only 15 minutes. It can take hours to remove individual extensions (there is hair loss and pulling involved)!

Low Maintenance: Due to their thin construction and 1.5 inch width, tape in extensions are the easiest hair extension method to maintain. It is one of the easiest hair extensions to maintain. Because tape in extensions are so easy to maintain, most people actually forget that they are wearing them. Once you tape it, you don't worry about it until about 10-12 weeks later when you need to move them up. Don't get cheaper non-remy tape extensions or you'll regret it! With low quality hair, tape extensions won't last long because they're worn daily. Tape extensions should be purchased from a high quality brand. Why? If you spend more at the beginning on high quality tape extensions, you will save more in the long run. How? High-quality tape extensions won't shed, mat, or tangle, and they will be reusable. It will be easy and hassle free to maintain tape in hair extensions as long as you choose a high quality brand.




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Invisible and Flexible: Tape extensions let you do things clip-in extensions cannot:  wear them in any type of hairstyle: braids, super high ponytails etc

Their thinness and invisibility make them easy to spot. When you wash or brush your hair, you can't feel them. Compared to individual hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions are much more flexible and easier to take care of when you wash and blow dry your hair. There are several differences between individual extensions and tape extensions, including their stringiness and tendency to tangle, as well as their lack of flexibility and softness when it comes to washing and blow drying. If you want truly invisible and flexible extensions, tape in hair extensions are the best.

Advantages of Tape Hair Extensions

There is no doubt that tape hair extensions are the best method available on the market today. These are easy to apply, easy to maintain, you won't feel them, and they're the best.  You should choose tape in extensions if you are new to extensions or want to switch from clips or individual extensions. Invest in tape-in hair extensions and you will not regret it. Have your tape extensions applied by a professional who knows what they are doing - you will have a better experience with tape extensions if you do so.


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