Why are my Tape Hair Extensions Falling Out?

Why are my Tape Hair Extensions Slipping?

There are a number of reasons your freshly fitted tapes could be slipping.

Cause 1: Too Much Hair Sandwiched Between The Tapes.

There needs to be the right balance of her to allow the two tape seals to touch and create a tight seal. Too much hair in the section will mean the tape only sticks to the top layer of the hair

Cause 2: Too Little Hair Sandwiched Between The Tapes.

This may result in the natural hair not being able to support the weight of the extensions

Cause 3: Your section is too wide

Your section of the hair needs to be smaller in width than that piece of tape to allow the two sides of the tape to seal if your section is too wide, water will easily be able to get behind the tape weakening its hold on the hair.

Wet or damp types that are fitted onto wet or damp hair will result in the tapes not being able to stick to the hair correctly

Cause 4: Messy sectioning.

If the tape tabs aren't correctly aligned and have not been stuck together properly they are unlikely to stay in place. they will also be much harder for the client to look after, resulting in poor brushing and washing techniques that can lead to the hair extensions slipping.

It is essential to wash your clients hair with clarifying shampoo before a fitting this is to remove any product build up that could affect how well the tape stick to their hair.

A common cause of product build up is excessive use of conditioners that can lead to the natural hair having a silicone coating on the strands.

Washing your clients hair with a clarifying shampoo will give the hair extensions the best chance add a super secure attachment.

After washing always make sure to fully dry and straighten your clients care before the fitting so you have a nice clean an controlled canvas to work on.


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