Weave In Hair Extensions / Weft Hair Extensions

How can you pick the right hair extensions out of all the options available today?

When it comes to human hair extensions, there's no substitute for Remy.

For hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces, Remy human hair is the best option since it is manufactured and assembled in a way that ensures its uniform direction from the root to the tip. Remy's hair is aligned in the natural way it grew to maintain its natural feel, pattern, texture, and cuticle orientation.

Portia & Alexa hair extensions use only the highest-quality, 100 percent Remy human hair for our hair extensions. PA Hair extensions offer a wide variety of styles in a wide range of colours, weights, and lengths, making them an ideal choice for those who want to change their look temporarily using clip-ins or tape-ins or for change their look permanently using wefts or weaves but don't want to sacrifice on quality.

Let's take a closer look at weave-in hair extensions.



Weave In Hair Extensions

You're seeking a hair solution that's easy to style and manage without causing damage to your hairline or ends, right?

Hair extensions made from wefts may be the best option for you.

Weft hair extensions and weave-in hair extensions are two different terms for the same thing. Both names mean the same thing. Because wefts are attached to natural hair, "weave" is derived from that technique.

When adding length and volume to your hair, weave extensions are among the safest options. An end-to-end bundle of Remy's hair has been sewed or 'wefted' together.

Rather than being put using a tape or clip technique, wefts or weave in hair extensions are stitched or braided into your natural hair. People with damaged or weak hair might benefit significantly from weft hair extensions because they are safe and adaptable.

Portia & Alexa's weave in hair extensions is 100% Remy human hair. And they offer

  • 17" Weft Remy Hair
  • 21" Weft Remy Hair
  • 25" Weft Remy Hair

Professionals can sew or bead these double-drawn weft bundles into your hair. The bundle can be trimmed into smaller sections to be worn on the head by a single person.

Retighten every 6-9 weeks to maintain a 6 to 9 month lifespan.

Choosing Weave in (Weft) Hair Extensions

With a weave, you have the option of adding both volume and colour to your look. In terms of comfort and convenience, weave/weft extensions are popular. With the extensions, you may get more volume without damaging your hair.


There a plenty of benefits of PA Natural hair extensions. To begin with,

  • High-Quality,
  • No Tangling
  • No Shedding
  • Thick Ends
  • 100% Human Hair

They are natural-looking hairpieces made from natural human hair. The overall texture and sheen will strengthen your chosen hairstyle as well.


Weft Hair Extensions Before and After Pictures

Instant Volume and Length

PA Natural Hair extensions are commonly used to add volume and length to hair. Having voluminous hair is great for styling and enhances the overall appearance of your hair. Having long hair doesn't have to be a hassle because you don't have to worry about managing it. Hair extensions are a must-have when you want to give your hair more volume.

Variety of Styling Options

You may feel that a new hairstyle is necessary from time to time. PA Natural Hair extensions are a great way to experiment with different hairstyles without having to wait for your hair to grow. Using hair extensions gives you the freedom to experiment with a wide variety of hairstyles, length and even colour. With hair extensions, you'll be able to change up your look regularly.

Human hair extensions are the answer for those who cannot achieve the thick and luxurious hair they've always wanted.

Change in Colour

Hair extensions allow you to modify the colour of your hair without harming or destroying your natural hair. And also you can pick from a wide range of colours.

Easy To Maintain

If you want to spend less time getting dressed in the morning and more time working, PA natural hair extensions can help you achieve that goal. Extensions also shield your hair from heat styling equipment, allowing you to watch your hair grow naturally.

Split Ends Are No Longer A Problem.

Adding hair extensions doesn't mean that split ends disappear, but rather that the extensions hide them. After covering your split ends under a lovely, soft hair extension, your hair suddenly appears and feels much healthier.

Hair extensions, whether permanent or removable, can completely transform your appearance. If you're confused about which PA natural hair extension style will best complement your natural hair. Then we are just a click away. Feel free to contact us via Live Chat button below.

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Weave In Hair Extensions

When it comes to human hair extensions, there's no substitute for Remy.

Remy hair is aligned in the natural way it grew to maintain its natural feel, pattern, texture, and cuticle orientation.

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