Blonde Shades

#12 Dirty Blonde

Dirty Blonde Hair Extensions feature a captivating blend of medium to dark blonde hues intertwined with subtle hints of light brown. This multifaceted shade strikes a harmonious balance between the natural warmth of brown and the vibrant luminosity of blonde, resulting in a rich, sun-kissed, and effortlessly natural appearance. Ideal for those seeking depth, dimension, and a seamlessly blended extension experience.

Sample Hair Extensions

#16 Natural Blonde

A medium blonde shade with warm undertones that fuses light caramel, strawberry blonde and wheat undertones. It’s perfect for warm blonde hair as it has sun kissed flecks of wheat blondes and golden blondes.

#27 Bronzed Blonde

Bronzed Blonde Hair Extensions paint a portrait of warmth and depth, evoking visions of golden sunsets. These extensions beautifully meld the radiant undertones of ginger and the sweet blush of strawberry into a base of bronzed blonde. The result is a dynamic, multi-dimensional shade that glows with an inner fire. Perfect for those who desire a unique blend that not only adds volume but also infuses their hair with a sun-drenched, fiery allure.

#18 Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde Hair Extensions encapsulate the sweet, golden warmth reminiscent of liquid honey glistening in sunlight. This luxurious shade boasts a perfect blend of rich golden tones with a touch of amber undertones, resulting in a naturally radiant and sun-kissed glow. Ideal for those aiming to infuse their locks with a vibrant yet understated elegance, honey blonde extensions seamlessly enhance one's mane with a soft, luminous charm that suits a variety of skin tones.

#24 Medium Sandy Blonde

Medium Sandy Blonde Hair Extensions exude an understated elegance, capturing the essence of pristine sandy shores kissed by the sun. This shade harmoniously blends medium blonde hues with subtle ash undertones, creating a neutral, versatile look that radiates natural beauty. The balanced interplay of warm and cool tones makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a sophisticated, contemporary finish that seamlessly complements various complexions and styles.

#22 Sandy Blonde

Sandy Blonde is a refined and elegant hue that mirrors the soft, sun-kissed grains of a pristine beach. This colour strikes a harmonious balance, merging the warmth of golden blondes with the coolness of ash undertones. The result is a neutral, versatile shade that emanates a natural, earthy radiance. It's a timeless colour that offers both depth and subtlety, making it a favourite for those seeking a sophisticated yet effortlessly beachy look.

#51 Champagne Blonde

Champagne Blonde Hair Extensions shimmer with the effervescent elegance of a freshly poured glass of bubbly. This luxurious shade blends delicate golden hues with the faintest whispers of cool undertones, echoing the rich yet light touch of fine champagne. The outcome is a sparkling, multi-dimensional blonde that exudes sophistication and grace. Perfect for those seeking to infuse their locks with a luminous, celebratory charm, Champagne Blonde adds both brilliance and finesse to one's mane.

#18a Ash Blonde

Light Ash Blonde Hair Extensions reflect the serene beauty of a winter morning, where cool silvery hues merge with pale golden sunlight. Dominated by ashy undertones, this shade eliminates the brassy yellows, offering a crisp, clean, and sophisticated blonde. The coolness of the ash provides a contemporary edge, while the very subtle gold undertones add warmth and dimension. Ideal for those looking to achieve a chic, refined look, Light Ash Blonde extensions bestow a muted elegance, making them a standout choice for those with cooler complexions and a penchant for subtlety.

#613 Bleach Blonde

Bleach Blonde Hair Extensions embody the bold brilliance of sunlit platinum strands, capturing the essence of a high-impact, luminous blonde. This shade is the pinnacle of lightness, reminiscent of a summer's day where the sun's rays bleach surfaces to a radiant glow. With its striking, almost ethereal quality, Bleach Blonde extensions are for those who desire to make a vibrant statement, offering a bold contrast to darker hues and standing out with unmistakable luminescence. It's the go-to choice for those aiming for a dramatic transformation and unmissable shine.

#60 Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde Hair Extensions with Subtle Warm Undertones weave the icy allure of pure platinum with delicate hints of golden warmth. While the dominant platinum offers that striking, almost otherworldly luminosity, the gentle warm undertones bring a softness and depth, preventing the shade from becoming too stark. This intricate balance creates a multidimensional look that shines bright yet retains a touch of natural elegance. It's the perfect choice for those aiming to strike a balance between the cool sophistication of platinum and the comforting embrace of sun-kissed hues.

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions

#60b Light Vanilla Blonde

Light Vanilla Blonde Hair Extensions evoke the delicate allure of soft, melting vanilla ice cream on a sun-drenched day. This creamy, light blonde shade seamlessly melds the purity of classic blonde with the rich, comforting undertones of vanilla bean. The resulting hue offers a dreamy and velvety aesthetic, exuding warmth without the intensity of deeper golds. For those looking to grace their locks with a subtle, sweet, and inviting touch, Light Vanilla Blonde extensions provide that perfect blend of luminosity and elegance.

#1001 Pearl Blonde

Pearl Blonde Hair Extensions blend silvery coolness with warm blonde hues, reflecting the shimmer of a pearl. This elegant shade offers a delicate balance of luxury and mystery, making it ideal for those seeking a subtle yet radiant look.

#60a White Silver Blonde

White Silver Blonde Hair Extensions combine the cool shimmer of silver with a bright blonde base. These extensions offer a striking and modern look, perfect for those seeking bold elegance and radiant shine.


Grey Hair Extensions display a versatile shade, ranging from cool slate to warm pewter. This modern hue is both subtle and striking, making it a popular choice for those seeking an edgy yet elegant look.

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