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Nano Hair Extensions 


Looking for hair extensions that look & feel as natural as your own hair? We trust that Nano Rings Hair Extensions will be a promising solution.

What is Nano Rings Hair Extensions?

Nano Hair Extensions adds length and volume to your hair without unnecessary damage glue may cause to your hair.

Nano Ring Hair Extensions, also known as Nano Beads Hair Extensions

This technique uses specially designed tools to loop strands of hair into a micro bead (3mm in diameter) the beads are then clamped tightly onto the tip of the Nano- Tip strand, providing a secure attachment.


One of the most natural looking hair extensions technique that come with many advantages.

  • The beads of nano rings hair extensions are 90% smaller than micro loop hair extensions .          
  • It has the lightest and gentle to the attachment points, making them comfortable and undetectable as a hair extension method.
  • The hair extensions are reusable and maintains high quality overtime. With proper care our Remy Hair Extensions lasts 9 months.
  • You can dye your hair extensions while they are in your hair, making it easy and quicker when you want to blend in your balayage or natural hair colour seamlessly.
  • They are well hidden and easy to tie up without seeing any bonds.
  • Nano Hair Extensions Australia are safe and gentle on the hair, allowing your natural hair to grow uninhibited.
  • Since nano rings extensions are installed strand by
  • strand, this hair extension method allows for easy blow drying, styling, and washing.
  • Premium Remy Hair Nano Rings Hair Extensions. Remy hair quality lasts longer & has a better top-to-bottom thickness ratio. With all the hair cuticles aligning in the same and correct direction, the hair will not tangle and knot like other lower grade human hair that is on the market.



We offer premium Remy Hair Extensions without the premium price tag. We ship all orders same day that have been made before 11 am. Express Shipping, Afterpay and Zippay are also available.




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