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100% Remy Human Hair

5 Recommendations for Buying Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a hassle-free, quick solution to instantly add length, volume, and freshness to your hair daily.

Even though we detest admitting it, terrible hair days are unavoidable. Still, by wearing hair extensions, you can guarantee that they can be instantly turned around.

We now recognise how challenging it can be to choose and wear hair extensions. Especially when you consider how many different sorts and techniques the beauty industry offers. But don't worry, we've got you covered—we'll simplify everything for you and demonstrate how hair extensions function, when you should buy them, and a few suggestions to have in mind before you do.

Select Remy Human Hair

Look for 100% human hair extensions that are tangle-free and have a natural texture. Your hair extensions should be an extension of your natural hair, as the name implies. The highest quality human hair, Remy, is what you should choose for your hair extensions if you want them to match your natural hair's texture perfectly.


Remy Human Hair Extensions

Know How Much You Need

Your next concern will be where to purchase the hair extensions once you have decided which ones you require. The process of purchasing hair extensions can sometimes be intimidating, especially if you decide to do it online.

Getting too much or too little in terms of their weight and/or length is one of the common mistakes that many individuals make. Consider the length and thickness you desire and select extensions that match your hair.


Hair Extensions Length Guide

For instance, people with hair longer than the shoulder and a thin to medium thickness hair type are best suited for 21" Halo Extensions.

Colour Match With A Professional

You must get the proper colour match for your extensions to blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

We want you to find your perfect match without ever having to deal with an awkward scenario, so we advise looking at your hair in natural lighting to choose the right shade. Trust us when we say Natural Black and Jet Black are vastly different.


Application Method

Hair extensions should not be worn at the expense of your own hair to achieve a gorgeous, natural-looking mane. Consider your preferred application method, such as clip-ins, tape-ins, wefts, halo hair, or ponytail extensions.


Set a budget and look for extensions that are within your price range while still meeting your quality and preference criteria.

Halo hair extensions Australia

Although it may be the case, once you try it, you'll see that hair extensions are no longer just for special events. You won't be able to turn back once you experience the transformative effect of these extensions. Trust us on that. Anyone should choose to wear them because they make ladies worldwide feel their most confident and comfortable.

Trust the Reviews

Your most reliable source for purchasing a set of extensions will be someone who has previously used them. Make sure not to miss our verified reviews by Judge Me, and Google while looking for the best hair extensions to purchase because that is where the genuine, unfiltered truth can be found.

The best reviews of the product will come from real customers.





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Curly Chronicles: Your Ultimate Guide to Curly Hair Extensions

In the world of hair extensions, there's an option for everyone. For those with luscious curls, it's no different. From curly wefts to halo hair, let's untangle the world of curly hair extensions.

The Curly Conundrum

Every curly-haired beauty knows the struggle. Some days your curls bounce with life, and on others, they have their own rebellious plans. Enter curly hair extensions. Whether you're looking to add volume, length, or simply want to try a new look without commitment, curly extensions can be your hair’s best friend.


Curly Hair Extensions Australia Guide

Types of Curly Hair Extensions

Curly Weft Extensions: Wefts are long sections of hair that are sewn onto braided hair. Weft extensions offer a more semi-permanent solution. For curly-haired divas, curly weft extensions can blend seamlessly with your natural locks.

Clip-In Extensions: These are by far the most user-friendly extensions. Whether you opt for a full set of clip-in extensions or just a clip-in fringe, they provide an instant transformation. They're particularly great for those who want to switch between their natural hair and extended length or volume.

Hair Ponytail Extensions: Dreaming of a fuller, bouncier ponytail? Hair ponytail extensions can give you that Ariana Grande vibe in just minutes. Whether curly or straight, it's an easy way to elevate your updo game.

Halo Hair: (Custom order) This is a less common but utterly brilliant type of extension. Essentially a hairpiece that sits on your head and is concealed by your own hair, it offers an instant boost in volume and length without clips or adhesive.

Extensions for Curly Hair: Now, this is where specificity comes into play. Whether you have loose waves or tight ringlets, there's an extension for every type of curl. Be sure to match the curl pattern to ensure a natural blend.


Clip In Curly Hair Extensions

Caring for Your Curly Extensions


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!: Curly hair thrives on moisture. Use sulfate-free shampoos and indulge in deep conditioning treatments to keep those extensions looking fresh.

Tangle-Free: Always detangle using a wide-tooth comb and start from the tips working your way up.

Heat Styling: If your curly extensions are made of human hair, you can use heat tools on them. However, it's essential to use a heat protectant and avoid excessive heat styling to prolong their life.

    Mistakes to Watch For:

    Over-styling: Curly hair, whether natural or extensions, is prone to damage. Treat your extensions gently.

      For the curly queens out there, extensions offer a world of opportunities. Whether you're looking to switch things up with a clip-in fringe or add some oomph with weft extensions, there’s a curly hair extension out there waiting for you. And remember, always wear your curls, whether natural or extended, with pride and confidence. After all, they're a part of what makes you unique!

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