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When it comes to hair extensions, there are a variety of types and costs to consider. Keratin Bond Hair Extensions New Zealand are often the most popular choice for their natural look and feel.  

Hair extensions have been a popular way to add length and volume to hair for decades. 

Keratin bond hair extensions have gained popularity in recent years due to their long-lasting, natural-looking results. These hair extensions are applied strand by strand, and use a keratin bond to fuse the extension to the natural hair.

Let’s explore the different styles of keratin bond fusion hair extensions and the advantages they offer.


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Types of Keratin Bond Hair Extensions New Zealand at PA Natural Hair Extensions

U-tip and flat tip are two different types of keratin bond hair extensions. The main difference lies in the shape and application method of the keratin bond.

U-Tip Keratin Bond Extensions: These have a U-shaped keratin tip at the top of the extension strand. This keratin tip is usually pre-bonded with a heat-activated adhesive. The extension is applied by melting the keratin tip using a heating tool and then attaching it to the natural hair. The heated keratin bond creates a secure and durable attachment.

Flat Tip Keratin Bond Extensions: These hair extensions have a flat, square-shaped keratin bond at the top of the strand.

The keratin bond is a top-quality adhesive designed to melt and fuse with the natural hair when heat is applied.

The flat shape of the bond allows for a larger surface area of attachment, which can provide additional stability.

Micro Flat Tip Keratin Bond Hair Extensions: These have a smaller tip size compared to regular flat tip extensions.

The smaller size of these tips allows for a seamless attachment to thin hair, reducing the chance of the extensions tips being seen.

Micro flat tip extensions are lighter in weight compared to regular flat tip extensions. This makes them suitable for people with thin hair.

These micro flat tip extensions are available in 30+ shades for a seamless blend with natural hair colour.


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