How many packs of hair extensions do I need?

Determining How Many Grams of Hair Extensions Do You Need?

Finding the Perfect Fit: Calculating Hair Extension Grams

Long, luxurious locks can transform your look and boost your confidence. Hair extensions are a popular solution, but determining the right grams for your hair can be tricky. Let's break down the process.

Understanding Hair Extension Weight:

Hair extensions are commonly sold by weight, typically ranging from 50g to 300g per set. The weight determines the volume and thickness they add to your natural hair.

Packets of Hair Extensions

Factors to Consider:

  1. Hair Thickness: Consider the thickness of your natural hair to determine the amount of extensions needed. Thin hair may require 100-125g, medium thickness 150g, thick hair 200g, and extra thick density 275g.
  2. Desired Length: Longer extensions generally require more grams for seamless blending. Consider your desired length for the perfect match.
  3. Style and Volume: Different styles demand varying amounts of hair. Keep your styling preferences in mind to achieve the desired volume.
  4. Texture and Curl Pattern: The texture and curl pattern of your natural hair affect blending. Straight hair blends more easily, while curly or wavy hair may need additional grams.
  5. Head Circumference: The size of your head matters. Larger heads may need more extensions for a balanced look.

The Ponytail Test

The ponytail test is a simple way to determine the circumference of your ponytail, helping you choose the right amount of hair extensions. Follow these steps:

  1. Dry Hair: Make sure your hair is dry before starting the test.
  2. Create a Ponytail: Pull up your hair into a ponytail. Use a hair tie to secure it in place.
  3. Loop with Ribbon: Take a piece of ribbon and loop it around your ponytail, ensuring it sits snugly but not too tight.
  4. Measure with Ruler: Place the ribbon next to a ruler. Take note of the measurement.

Ponytail Test For Hair Extensions

If the measurement is less than two inches, your hair is likely low-density. If it's more than four inches, your hair is on the denser side.

This information is valuable when determining the amount of hair extensions needed for your desired look. Refer to the previous guide for recommended grams based on your ponytail circumference.

How Many Grams of Hair Extensions Do You Need?

Choosing the right amount of hair extensions is crucial for achieving the desired look. The amount needed depends on the circumference of your ponytail. Use the table below as a guide:

Ponytail Circumference Grams of Hair Extensions
2" or less 100-125 grams
3" - 4" 150 grams
4" - 5" 200 grams
6" - 7" 275 grams


Keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and individual preferences may vary. If you have a larger or smaller head, you may need to adjust the amount accordingly.

By considering these factors, performing the ponytail test, and consulting professionals, you can confidently choose the ideal grams of hair extensions for your unique hair situation. Take the time to calculate accurately, and enjoy the stunning, natural-looking results.

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