Clip In Hair Extensions Pros & Cons

Clip In Hair Extensions.

You may be wondering if clip in extensions are right for you.

The cost for clip in extensions depends on the type of hair, the brand the length and the weight of the hair. Cost for clip in extensions at PA Hair Extensions range from $179.99 to $389.99. We can also provide custom lengths and grams for your requirements in a simple and easy process.

Before deciding on clip in hair extensions here are a few pros and cons to consider.

First the pros!

Clip in extensions are great for a special occasion or event or for those who are not committed to wearing extensions on a daily basis. Because clip in extensions are temporary you have the ability to change your hair colour or style as often as you would like.

Clip in hair extensions are a great do-it-yourself option putting them in his easy and you can do so without a visit to your salon.

 PA Hair Extensions uses salon professional quality Remy Hair with our clip in and ponytail hair extensions, others may use lower quality hair as it’s seen as only temporary and may only last a few months. Our Remy quality hair lasts up to 2 years with Clip In Hair and Ponytail extensions with good care.

The cons.

Clip in hair extensions cannot be worn for long periods of time and must be removed before bedtime.

Clips clipped in the same place repeatedly for extended periods of time can lead to hair loss.

Clip in hair extensions are not ideal for thin fine hair because the clip base could be too bulky or heavy causing discomfort. Fine thin hair may also not be thick enough to hide or conceal the clips.

If you are a stylist who offers clip in hair extensions and ponytail hair extensions, we offer trade discounts so please contact us via live chat to set you up with an account within minutes.





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